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To say we are passionate, is an understatement.

The journey of Evolution began as caregivers of various backgrounds seeing firsthand the medical benefits cannabis offered its patients, nurturing both the mind and body; a plant provided by mother nature, that can truly transform lives. We are focused on the “well-being” of others which is why we have chosen to open our doors at the House of Evolution.

We are excited to share our knowledge of this versatile plant with the community and change lives for the better.

Our Mission

At the House of Evolution, we strive to offer a wide variety of the highest quality, expertly grown, carefully curated cannabis products for you to enjoy, from premium flower, edibles, carts, extracts, wax and more. No matter the path you choose, you can be sure, it’s the best the market has to offer at the House of Evolution.

We are perfectionists:

We expect perfection in all we grow and all we do and so should you!

At the House Of Evolution, we believe in the endless potential of what cannabis can be as a product and as a positive force in health management. We are perfectionist in all we do from grow, processing and product development which allows us to bring a higher level of quality, cannabis products to market.

The House of Evolution is a vertically integrated “seed to sale” retail, dispensary. In other words, we grow our own premium flower, and we process to develop some of the most innovative products available in the market. Because we are vertically integrated, we can offer our customers higher quality and fresher products without the hefty price tag.

We are a team of doers:

We are growers, makers, educators, and advocates.

Because we do what we do, our shelves here at The House of Evolution are filled with the finest cannabis products available in the market. From premium Evolution flower and pre-rolls, best in class carts and waxes, THC powders, delicious edibles, exceptional extracts and topicals, our House carries the best-in-class cannabis products to meet the wants and needs of our consumers.

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With our wide variety of cannabis offerings from trusted partners and brands, you’ll know you’re in good hands. Our budtenders are ready to answer your questions about cannabis and help you find the right product for your needs. When you come by, we’ll welcome you with open arms and great vibes. Come find out what makes House of Evolution different.
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