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Flower Specials

$15 ⅛ & $99 Oz – Crunch Berries, Releaf OG & Star Dawg

$45 ½ Oz. & $75 Oz. – Popcorn Buds! 

4 Grams for the ⅛ price – must be from the same shelf

2/$80 Backpack Boyz ⅛

Glacier 14G Avalanche packs $70 – While supplies last!

Edible Specials

Evolution 100mg Gummies 2/$10

Evolution 200mg Gummies 2/$17

Evolution Fast Acting 80mg Gummies 2/$12

Evolution Fast Acting 100mg Gummies 2/$16

Evolution Fast Acting 100mg High TeHC Gummies 2/$20

Kiva, Camino, Terra & Petra 2/$30

Concentrate Specials

All Redbud Concentrates (Excludes Rosin) 8/$100

Cannalicious 1G Shatter 6/$100

Redbud 1G Hash Rosin 2/$80

Glacier 1G Terp Sugar 6/$100

Redemption 1G Crystals & Sauce 5/$100

Pre-Roll Specials

Evolution, Redbud, Hightalian, & Fuel 1G Pre-Rolls 5/$25

Evolution 1G Pre-Rolls 5/$35

Glorious 1G Infused Bubble Hash Pre-Roll 2/$40

Backpack Boyz 1.6G Cannon 2/$50

Glacier 1.2G Infused Icicles 2/$25

Cured Flowers Infused Pre-Rolls 2/$35

Cartridge Specials

Redbud Roots & Crude Boys 8/$100

Crude Boys 1G Live Resin Cartridge 6/$100

Breeze 1G Disposables 4/$100

Crude Boyz 2G All-In-One Big Rippers 2/$60

Worker’s Cannabis .3G Disposables 4/$40

Hightalian 4/$100

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