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What does the cannabis plant consist of?

In cannabis, you’ll find natural compounds, terpenes, cannabinoids and flavonoids. Cannabinoids are chemical compounds that react with your endocannabinoid system creating different effects on the mind and body.

What is THC?

THC is the chemical compound in the cannabis plant that gives you the sensation of being high. It comes with many medicinal benefits such as reduced anxiety and pain relief. Also THC is known to treat many critical illnesses.

What is CBD?

CBD is another well known cannabinoid that doesn’t give you the sensation of being high. CBD provides numerous medicinal benefits such as pain relief, reduced inflammation, and even the ability to decrease seizures in epileptic patients.

What is the difference between Indica and Sativa?

Indica plants are short with broad leaves while Sativa plants are tall with narrow leaves. Indica plants provide medicine that tends to give you a relaxed feeling, so they are great for those who need improved sleep. Sativa medicine tends to supply greater energy and a strong focus to help you get through the day with great ease.

What is a cannabinoid?

Cannabinoids are the natural compounds found in the cannabis plant. The most well known cannabinoids are THC and CBD. Each cannabinoid reacts with your endocannabinoid system in unique ways.

What is the entourage effect?

When you use full-spectrum cannabis products, all the cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids work together to give you a beneficial effect known as the entourage effect. This is better for your health compared to just taking CBD or THC alone.

What is the difference between Hemp and Cannabis?

Cannabis has high amounts of THC which provides a sensation of being high. Hemp has trace amounts of THC, less than .3 percent. Hemp is used for special purposes such as making rope, paper, clothing and more.

What are terpenes?

Terpenes are hydrocarbons that provide different tastes and scents in different cannabis strains.

What is the Endocannabinoid System?

The endocannabinoid system is a network of receptors and messengers in your body that regulates essential body functions. When cannabinoids are introduced into your body, they allow your cells to send signals for different purposes such as pain relief, immune system health, thermoregulation and more.

What are some medical benefits of using cannabis?

Cannabis is great for pain relief, improved sleep patterns, improved appetite, reduced anxiety, reduced inflammation and more.

Is there research on the benefits of medical cannabis?

There are numerous studies available which prove that cannabis is an effective medicine. We have yet to scratch the surface to discover the complete list of health benefits, but new research is coming out all the time.

What are some of the medical conditions that are approved for medical cannabis?

Some medical conditions that are approved for medical cannabis use are Alzheimer’s Disease, Cancer, Chronic pain, Glaucoma, Seizures and more.

What medical conditions can be treated with CBD?

CBD is good for pain relief, depression relief, seizures, inflammation, and feelings of nausea.

Are there side effects when consuming cannabis?

Cannabis can cause feelings of paranoia, increased appetite, feelings of extreme exhaustion, and alteration of your sensations with the surrounding environment. You can also develop cottonmouth which is when your mouth feels too dry.

Can you overdose on cannabis?


How can I consume cannabis?

Cannabis can be inhaled in the form of vapor or smoke. You can consume infused edibles or drinks. You can also apply cannabis topically with topical products. There are subliminal products as well such as tinctures which you can place under your tongue for direct absorption into the bloodstream.

What is vaping?

Vaping is the process of heating cannabis oil or plant material to the ideal level where you get vapor which is inhaled. Vaping is a safer method of consuming cannabis and you don’t lose the terpenes and other plant compounds through the combustion process.

Are edibles safe?

Edibles are not dangerous, however you can feel too high when taking too much which can be rather uncomfortable. When taking edibles, you should always start off with low doses to see what works best for you. Then you can gradually work your way up with higher doses.

Will smoking cannabis harm your lungs?

While smoking cannabis can cause fits of coughing and brief shortness of breath, there is research that shows smoking cannabis can actually improve lung function. Of course, it’s always a safe bet to go for less harsh consumption methods such as vaping or consuming edibles, but research shows that cannabis does not harm your lungs.

What are Topicals?

You can get different cannabis topicals in the form of lotions, bath bombs, salves, oils and more. When you apply most cannabis topicals, they will work to handle localized pain, soreness, and inflammation. Also topicals will help improve your skin helping you to soothe insect bites, scratches, burns and other issues. Topicals don’t give you the feeling of being high unless you use a transdermal product which allows the cannabinoids to enter your bloodstream.

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